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Archive: New Arrivals for October 2020 (Visual Version)

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Last Updated November 3rd, 2020

Items added between October 1st and October 31st, 2020

(March, April and May additions can still be found here, June additions here, July additions here, August additions here, and September additions here)

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Adult Fiction - Second Floor

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Eli's Promise
Balson, Ronald H.

The Crow's Call
Brunstetter, Wanda E.

Battle Ground
Butcher, Jim 1971-

Amish Beginnings
Chapman, Vannetta

The Darkest Evening
Cleeves, Ann

The Bake Shop
Clipston, Amy

The Country Bride
Court, Dilly

Attack Surface
Doctorow, Cory

Total Power
Mills, Kyle 1966-

Gibson, William 1948-

Troubles In Paradise
Hilderbrand, Elin

Just Like You
Hornby, Nick

The Stone Wall
Lewis, Beverly 1949-

To Tell You The Truth
Macmillan, Gilly

A Song For The Dark Times
Rankin, Ian

Moon Of The Crusted Snow
Rice, Waubgeshig 1979-

Frankenstein, Or, The Modern Prometheus
Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft 1797-1851

The Return
Sparks, Nicholas

An Irish Country Welcome
Taylor, Patrick 1941-

Confessions On The 7:45
Unger, Lisa 1970-

Hearts In Harmony
Wiseman, Beth 1962-

Listening To Love
Wiseman, Beth 1962-


Adult Non-Fiction

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Dying Of Whiteness
Metzl, Jonathan 1964-

362.10973 Metz
Calm, Alert, And Learning
Shanker, Stuart

370.1528 Shan
The Practical Guide To Children's Handwriting
Sassoon, Rosemary

372.634 Sass
A Life On Our Planet
Attenborough, David 1926-

508 Atte
When Days Are Long
Wilson, Amy V. 1908-

610.73 Wils
Parent Training For Disruptive Behavior
Bearss, Karen

616.85 Bear
Chinatown Through A Wide Lens
Chow, Yucho -1949

779.2092 Chow
This Land Of Snow
Morley, Anders 1978-

796.93 Morl
Cohen, Michael (Lawyer)

973.933 Cohe
Authoritarian Nightmare
Dean, John W. (John Wesley) 1938-

973.933 Dean
Speaking For Myself
Sanders, Sarah Huckabee

973.933 Sand

Christmas Storage

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Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer & The Island Of Misfit Toys

JDVD Rudo 1572
The Secret Of The Nutcracker Le Magicien De Blanche Vallee

JDVD Secr 6524
Deck The Hall
Barbo, Maria S.

JPE Brid

Juvenile Easy Readers

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Goldilocks And The Three Bears

JPE Bake
Clifford's Loose Tooth
Lewison, Wendy Cheyette

JPE Brid
Valentine Surprise
Lee, Quinlan B.

JPE Brid
Lost And Found
Adams, Lorraine

JPE Bruv
Biscuit Takes A Walk
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin 1957-

JPE First
Biscuit Meets The Class Pet
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin 1957-

JPE First
What's That, Mittens?
Schaefer, Lola M. 1950-

JPE First
X Marks The Croc!
La Rose, Melinda

JPE First
The Wind In The Willows
Sims, Lesley

JPE Grah
The Padawan Menace
Landers, Ace

JPE Land
Monkey Play
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin 1957-

JPE Lev.1
Lewison, Wendy Cheyette

JPE Lev.1
Where's Lulu?
Hooks, William H.

JPE Lev.1
Thunder And Lightning
Pfeffer, Wendy 1929-

JPE Lev.1
Toy To Toy
Redbank, Tennant

JPE Lev.1
The 100th Day Of School
O'Connor, Jane

JPE Lev.1
Pinkalicious. Puptastic!
Kann, Victoria.

JPE Lev.1
Ocean Of Color
Scollon, Bill

JPE Lev.1
What The Dinosaurs Saw
Schlein, Miriam

JPE Lev.1
I Can Be A Horse Rider
Man-Kong, Mary

JPE Lev.1
Dinosaur's Day
Thomson, Ruth

JPE Lev.1
Yoda Bird's Heroes
Amos, Ruth

JPE Lev.1
Doll Party
Albert, Shirley

JPE Lev.1
Blue-ribbon Bunny
Nathan, Sarah

JPE Lev.1
Dragon Egg
Loehr, Mallory

JPE Lev.1
Dancing Dinos Go To School
Lucas, Sally 1933-

JPE Lev.1
Thomas And The Jet Engine
Awdry, W.

JPE Lev.1
Kann, Victoria

JPE Lev.1
The Super Secret Adventure Club
McClements, George

JPE Lev.1
The Magic School Bus And The Missing Tooth
Lane, Jeanette

JPE Lev.2
Shrek The Third
Hapka, Cathy

JPE Lev.2
Marley's Big Adventure
Hill, Susan 1942-

JPE Lev.2
Shapiro, Karen

JPE Lev.2
Across The Sea
Homberg, Ruth

JPE Lev.2
The Show-and-tell Frog
Oppenheim, Joanne

JPE Lev.2
All About The Dragons
Katschke, Judy

JPE Lev.2
Surprise For A Princess
Weinberg, Jennifer

JPE Lev.2
The Magic School Bus In The Bat Cave
Lane, Jeanette,eauthor.

JPE Lev.2
The Missing Cupcake Mystery
Dungy, Tony

JPE Lev.2
Dog Days
Posner-Sanchez, Andrea

JPE Lev.2
Charlotte's Web
Frantz, Jennifer

JPE Lev.2
Amelia Bedelia Under Construction
Parish, Herman

JPE Lev.2
Meet The Dragons
Hapka, Cathy

JPE Lev.2
Jamie To The Rescue!
Gallo, Tina

JPE Lev.2
Flint And Friends!
Evans, Cordelia

JPE Lev.2
Martha Bakes A Cake
Barss, Karen

JPE Lev.2
Pinky And Rex
Howe, James

JPE Lev.3
Friends Forever
Murray, Helen

JPE Lev.3
Andrea Takes The Stage
Sander, Sonia

JPE Lev.4
Welcome To Heartlake City
Murray, Helen

JPE Lev.4
Puffer Cries Shark
Pfister, Marcus

JPE Rain
Dolphin Tale
Ryan, Emma

JPE Ryan
This Is Black Widow
Wong, Clarissa

JPE Supe
This Is Ant-Man
Wyatt, Chris 1975-

JPE Supe
This Is Falcon
Wong, Clarissa

JPE Supe
This Is Hawkeye
Wong, Clarissa,eauthor.

JPE Supe
This Is Iron Man
Wong, Clarissa

JPE Supe

Juvenile Fiction

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Top Ten
Cotugno, Katie

J Cotu
Great Girl Stories

J Grea
Fate Of Flames
Raughley, Sarah

J Raug
Heroes Of The Valley
Stroud, Jonathan

J Stro
You Read To Me & I'll Read To You

J You

Juvenile Graphic Novels

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Big Nate. The Gerbil Ate My Homework
Peirce, Lincoln

J Peir
Camping With Unicorns
Simpson, Dana 1977-

J Simp

Juvenile Non-Fiction

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In The Dark
Deresti Betik, Lisa 1972-

J 508 Dere
The Usborne Big Book Of Big Dinosaurs
Frith, Alex

J 567.91 Frit
Where Do Insects Live?
Canizares, Susan 1960-

J 595.7 Cani
Busy, Buzzy Bees
Fowler, Allan

J 595.799 Fowl
Frogs And Toads And Tadpoles, Too
Fowler, Allan

J 597.89 Fowl
Horses, Horses, Horses
Fowler, Allan

J 636.1 Fowl
Paper & Paint

J 745.59 Pape
Sadler, Judy Ann 1959-

J 746.5 Sadl
Just Joking 2

J 818.6 Just
The Usborne World Of Shakespeare
Claybourne, Anna

J 822.33 Clay

Juvenile Picture Books

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The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers
Berenstain, Stan 1923-2005

JP Bere
Pancakes, Pancakes!
Carle, Eric

JP Carl
The Magic School Bus Gets A Bright Idea
White, Nancy 1942-

JP Cole
Here We Are
Jeffers, Oliver

JP Jeff
Bye-bye, Mom And Dad
Mayer, Mercer 1943-

JP Maye
I Was So Mad
Mayer, Mercer 1943-

JP Maye
50 Below Zero
Munsch, Robert N. 1945-

JP Muns
Ninth Night Of Hanukkah
Perl, Erica S.

JP Perl
Six By Seuss.
Seuss Dr

JP Seus
Thomas' Big Storybook

JP Thom

Large Print

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Lady Clementine
Benedict, Marie

LP Bene
Troubles In Paradise
Hilderbrand, Elin

LP Hild
This Tender Land
Krueger, William Kent

LP Krue
Golden In Death
Robb, J. D. 1950-

LP Robb

Multilingual Juvenile French - First Floor

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Bébés Du Monde

MJF 305.23 Bébé
Contes De Grimm
Grimm, Jacob 1785-1863

MJF 398.2 Grim
Mon Imagier Des Comptines À Compter
Tallec, Olivier

MJF 398.8 Tall
Mes Dinosaures À Toucher
Ninie 1975-

MJF 567.9 Nini
La Vie Dans Les Jardins
Swallow, Su

MJF 639.978 Swal
Une Petit Soeur Pour Tommy
Berner, Rotraut Susanne

MJF Bern
Brami, Élisabeth

MJF Bram
Jus De Chaussettes
Carlain, Noé

MJF Carl
Et Si ... On Disait Des Bêtises.
Daniel, Katell

MJF Dani
La Grosse Patate
Davis, Aubrey

MJF Davi
Nous Déménageons
Krensky, Stephen

MJF Kren
Gracieux Le Monstre
Leroux, Simone 1939-

MJF Lero
Brigitte, La Fée Du Ballet
Meadows, Daisy

MJF Mead
Catou, La Fee De La Danse A Claquettes
Meadows, Daisy

MJF Mead
La Petite Poule
Polesello, Kevin

MJF Pole
Les Couleurs
Watt, Mélanie 1975-

MJF Watt
Où Est Le Petit Chaperon Rouge?
Witschger, Anne-Laure 1971-

MJF Wits

Paperbacks - Adult

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Kiss The Girls And Make Them Cry
Clark, Mary Higgins

APb Clar
Woods, Stuart

APb Wood

Paperbacks - Fantasy

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Guardian Of The Promise
Radford, Irene

FPb Radf

Paperbacks - Junior (Intermediate)

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Grace The Sea Sister
Castle, Amber

PB JInt Cast
Mr. Peabody & Sherman
David, Erica

PB JInt Davi
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs Junior Novelization
Deutsch, Stacia

PB JInt Deut

Paperbacks - Junior (Primary)

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Pony Wishes
Barton, Carol 1944-

PB JPri Bart
Bo And The Dragon-pup
Elliott, Rebecca

PB JPri Elli
Eva's Campfire Adventure
Elliott, Rebecca

PB JPri Elli
The Amazing Mexican Secret
Greenhut, Josh

PB JPri Gree
LEGO Star Wars
Landers, Ace

PB JPri Land
Felicity The Friday Fairy
Meadows, Daisy

PB JPri Mead
Dazzle's First Day
Moss, Olivia

PB JPri Moss
Meteor Shower Messenger.
Rudi, P. J.

PB JPri Rudi
Sandy's Rocket
Banks, Steven 1954-

PB JPri Spon
The Case Of The New Year's Eve Nightmare
Star, Nancy

PB JPri Star
The Secret Invention
Stilton, Thea

PB JPri Stil
Future Of The Time Dragon
West, Tracey 1965-

PB JPri West
Eye Of The Earthquake Dragon
West, Tracey 1965-

PB JPri West
Rise Of The Earth Dragon
West, Tracey 1965-

PB JPri West

Paperbacks - Romance

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An Amish Summer

RPb Amis

Paperbacks - Westerns

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Sackett's Land
L'Amour, Louis 1908-1988

WPb L'am

Adult DVDs

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Endeavour. The Complete Seventh Season

DVD Ende 6526 s7
The Eddie Murphy Comedy Collection

DVD Eddi 4853
Last Tango In Halifax : The Complete Season Four

DVD Last 6527 s4
Edward Scissorhands

DVD Edwa 6528

Juvenile DVDs

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Dora The Explorer. Pirate Adventure

JDVD Dora 1565
Dora The Explorer. Dora's Halloween Parade

JDVD Dora 1566
Dora The Explorer. Dora L'exploratrice Dora's Halloween L'Halloween De Dora

JDVD Dora 1567
Dora The Explorer. Dance To The Rescue

JDVD Dora 1568
Dora The Explorer. Catch The Stars

JDVD Dora 1569
Eloise's Rawther Unusual Halloween

JDVD Eloi 1570
Kid's Halloween Howls

JDVD Kids 1571
The Magic School Bus: Holiday Special

JDVD Magi 1572