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November 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Prince Rupert Library Board Meeting Minutes

November 19, 2015


Peter Maksymyszyn (PM), Devlin Fernandes (DF), Helen Moore (HM), Glenn Groulx (GG), Dale White (DW), Tim MacDonald (TM), Joe Zelwietro (JZ) Chief Librarian

Regrets: Lauren Williams (LW)

Meeting commenced at 7:10 pm.

  • Motion to pass Agenda, PM; GG seconded; Passed
  • Motion to accept Agenda, TM, DF seconded; Passed
  • Review of October statistics
  • Discussion of upcoming Library budget defense
  • Trustee Peter Maksymyszyn announced that he would be resigning due to health reasons
  • Library trustees, management and library staff to form labour-management committee to work toward Letter of Understanding (LoU) #3. A representative(s) from the union will speak to board in January
  • Board development matters. Two ideas tabled for further discussion
    • we will look for other community members to join the library board; perhaps find a youth who is interested in learning/joining the board Joe and trustees will talk to others who are interested in joining the library board.
    • we will investigate the best way to do radio spots promoting the library
  • in-camera discussion

Meeting Adjourned at 8:45 pm. Next Meeting 7:30 pm (Jan 21, 2016).

September 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Prince Rupert Library Board Meeting Minutes

September 22, 2015


Tim MacDonald (TM), Lauren Williams (LW), Brent Patriquin (BP), Dale White (DW), Devlin Fernandes (DF), Joe Zelwietro (JZ) Chief Librarian

Regrets: Glenn Groulx (GG), Helen Moore (HM) *

Meeting commenced at 7:05 pm.

  • The in-camera meeting of the Board focused on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) obtained by the negotiating committee on Sept 16, 2015
  • The Board passed a motion ratifying the MoU. Motion by LW, seconded by BP; Passed
  • Motion by TM, seconded by BP that the Library Board present a Letter of Understanding to the Union regarding the operating hours of the Library; Passed

Meeting Adjourned at 8:15 pm. Next Meeting TBA.

June 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Prince Rupert Library Board Meeting Minutes

June 19, 2015


Brent Patriquin (BP), Dale White (DW), Devlin Fernandes (DF), Helen Moore (HM), Glenn Groulx(GG), Tim MacDonald (TM), Lauren Williams (LW), David Try (Consultant), Joe Zelwietro (Chief Librarian)

Regrets: Peter Maksymyszyn (PM)

Meeting commenced at 7:10 pm.

  • Trustees reviewed the Memorandum of Understanding agreed upon by the negotiating committee.
  • Motion by DW to accept the Memorandum of Understanding, seconded by LW. Passed unanimously.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:50 pm. Next Meeting at 7 pm (Sept. 17, 2015) at the Library.

Annual General Meeting and April 23, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Annual General Meeting and Prince Rupert Library Board Meeting Minutes

April 23, 2015


Tim MacDonald (TM), Glenn Groulx (GG), Lauren Williams (LW), Brent Patriquin (BP), Peter Maksymyszyn (PM), Helen Moore (HM), Dale White (DW)

Regrets: Devlin Fernandes (DF)

Meeting commenced at 7:00 pm.

  • Board Chair, Tim MacDonald, presented his report for 2014
  • Chief Librarian, Joe Selwietro, presented his report for 2014

Both of these reports are available for the Public in pamphlet form at the Prince Rupert Library.

Annual General Meeting Adjourned at 8 pm.

Regular Prince Rupert Library Board April Meeting commenced at 8 pm.

  • Agenda approved, no other items added
  • In-camera meeting re: Collective Agreement and Neotiations commenced
  • Next Meeting at 7 pm (May 5, 2015).

March 31, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Prince Rupert Library Board Meeting Minutes

March 31, 2015


Devlin Fernandes (DF), Tim MacDonald (TM), Lauren Williams (LW)

Regrets: Helen Moore (HM), Brent Patriquin (BP)

Meeting commenced at 7:15 pm.

  • In-camera meeting for Collective Agreement purposes.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:45 pm. Next Meeting at 7 pm (April 23, 2015) for a two part meeting, the AGM and the regular April Library Board meeting.

Getting a library card

Library cards are FREE for residents of Prince Rupert, Port Edward, Metlaktla, Kitkatla, Hartley Bay, Oona River, Digby Island and Lax Kw'alaams.

What is required to get a library card?
You must provide photo ID with a current permanent address on it; however if you do not have your address on the ID, you can provide a recent telephone bill, utility bill, bank statement or government mailing to verify address at registration.
*** Online Billing? We may accept verification of your address via online Phone/Hydro/Gas/Bank account.

Following forms of identification accepted

  • BC Driver's License
  • BC ID
  • BC Services Card
  • Canadian Permanent Resident Card
  • NWCC Student Card with photo
  • Passport
  • School District #52 Student ID Card (Gr. 9 & up)
  • Status Card

Children in elementary and middle school
Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian with photo ID which meets the criteria above in order to get a library card. The child must be be at least in kindergarten to get a card. The parent/guardian is fully responsible for child's library card at any time.

Replacement card
Your first initial library card is free; however, if you lose it, damage it, or would like a brand new card, then a $5 replacement fee is required.

BC OneCard
If you are a resident of BC, but live outside the Prince Rupert area, you may register for a BC OneCard. You will need to show photo ID and your library card from your local BC municipal or regional library. There is no charge for this service and you can borrow up to 10 items at any time. You may return materials at the Prince Rupert Library or your home library.

Library Cards for Non-Residents
Library cards are available for visitors and non-residents for a fee of $25 with 6 months access to borrowing privileges.

October 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

Prince Rupert Library Board Meeting

October 3, 2011


Adrienne Johnston, Paul Kennedy, John Martinson, Helen Moore, Lianne Gagnon, Tim Macdonald, Lynne Graham,Vernon Barker, Joe Zelwietro

  • Agenda adopted
  • Joe gave Librarian Report and the matters were discussed.
    • It was agreed that proper thanks go to RTI for their donation of the funds to purchase the 25 Playaway units.
    • Dec. 10, 2011 is the date of the Friends of the Library Christmas Carol Reading (with CBC staff) fund raiser.
    • Regarding the Facility evaluation process, Joe will develop a Request for Proposal to obtain some professional services. Motion moved by Paul K., seconded by Lynne G., passed
    • It was mentioned that Joe might be able to learn something from the upgrading experience that the Museum of Northern BC
  • There was an in-camera part of the meeting wherein the Board discussed the matter of compensation for Joe Z who is Acting Chief Librarian.

January 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

Prince Rupert Library Board Meeting

January 9, 2012


Adrienne Johnston (AJ), Paul Kennedy(PK), Helen Moore(HM), Tim Macdonald(TM), Lynne Graham (LG), Joe Zelwietro (Acting Chief Librarian)

Meeting started at 7:30 pm

  • Discussion of upcoming budget presentation to Mayor and City Council. Acting Chief Librarian is ready and will be accompanied by two Board Members on behalf of Board Chairperson.
  • Discussion of Library Modernization Project
    • Library staff have met and come up with ideas, concerns, goals and criticisms of the present Library building and services. Two things will be be done with these notes. They will be circulated among Board members and they will be summarized for a future Board visioning session with a facilitator. Acting Chief Librarian has had preliminary conversations about the project with a local facilitator John Farrell, general manager of Community Futures and the two primary partners of Bing Thom Architects. Board members have a concern that a full and worthwhile vision development of a new or refurbished building will take a greater amount of time than we have available at this stage. To ensure the Board uses the present PRPA funding in the best way for the Library the Board has decided that we focus on determining whether our building can be renovated to meet the Library needs. The library needs will be described in the Scope of Work created by the Chief Librarian and given to the engineering firm. To this end the Board has passed a motion: That the Acting Chief Librarian contact Coast Isle Engineering for a professional assessment; forwarded by AJ, seconded by LG, Passed.
  • In-camera meeting

February 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

Prince Rupert Library Board Meeting

February 20, 2012


Adrienne Johnston (AJ), Paul Kennedy(PK), John Martinson (JM), Helen Moore(HM), Tim Macdonald(TM), Lianne Gagnon (LG), Joe Zelwietro (Chief Librarian)

Regrets: Vernon Barker, Lynne Graham, Joy Thorkelson

Meeting started at 7:05 pm

May 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

Prince Rupert Library Board Meeting Minutes

May 29, 2012


Lianne Gagnon (LG), Lynne Graham(LyG), Paul Kennedy (PK), Adrienne Johnston (AJ), Tim Macdonald(TM), Helen Moore(HM), Joe Zelwietro (JZ, Chief Librarian)

Regrets: John Martinson

Meeting started at 7:05 pm

  • Acceptance of the Minutes of the April 16, 2012 Board meeting (LG, HM, passed)
  • A request to clarify a matter on the Agenda by LyG, Discuss the BTA report as well as the PRPA's response to Library's Phase II proposal (LyG , HM, passed)
  • Agenda accepted
  • There was a discussion re: the Prince Rupert Library Annual General Meeting. It was decided to hold the meeting on September 10th at 7pm.
  • Discussion of possibility of Chief Librarian and Board Member going to City Council to thank Council for annual grant and give Council update about the Library Activities. There was agreement that this was a good idea and Joe will arrange the meeting.
  • Discussion about arranging meeting with PRPA representative to understand PRPA's plan re: Cow Bay Development and the Library. Joe will arrange meeting time and place.
  • Update to the Board re: budget expenditures so far this year and progress report on Library circulation and activities
  • Distribution of Trustee Handbooks to Board members
  • Board members were photographed for Library Board Members page.

Library Board Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm. Next meeting dependent upon whether a special meeting is held in June. Dates to be announced through future email to Board members.